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A learning community… creative collaboration for growth.



  • Gender and leading
  • Support to leaders with families and children
  • Leader performance
  • What really is ‘having it all’?

Purpose: Sharing, Exploration, “Edge” Learning, Support and Service

Vision: Circles of Dialogue that Strengthen and Enhance Choices in Leadership and Service

Values: Dialogue, Sharing, Diversity, Servant Leadership, Learning, Community and Creativity

Who: Leadership Tomorrow (LT) Women and Interested Like-Minded Others

What: Gatherings (2-4 Per Year), Salon/Café and Meet-Up, with  Virtual Conversations, Blog

Where: Location in/near Seattle

When: Starting in September 2012, continuing through 2015

Why: Because it matters. Because women learn and create change through circles and sharing. We weave networks to strengthen and sustain change…to mentor and lead with purpose and service.

The Story of the River Birch 

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