Strategic Planning

My experience in Strategic Planning spans twenty-five years and is focused on linking strategy to aligned action

The Strategic Planning process will be one that defines an inspired future and then aligns participants on follow-up, action…and results.

Our approach to Strategic Planning combines:

  • Jim Collin’s “Hedgehog” Concept. “What is your organization best at? What drives your revenue engine? What are you / your employees passionate about? And…where do these intersect?
  • Zuckerman, Health Care Strategic Planning. While this model was developed with the healthcare industry in mind, it is widely applicable and time tested in other sectors.
  • S.O.A.R: Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Resources. This model is based on Appreciative Inquiry and is a highly positive approach to defining futures.


Strategic Planning engagements usually include three phases:

  • Assessment: the organization’s business, climate and current status
  • Stakeholder Interviews: we conduct third party objective interviews with those who determine organizational success
  • Strategic Retreat: ¬†We design and facilitate half-day, full-day or in some cases a two-day Strategic meeting or retreat, the outcome of which is a Strategic Plan