The River Birch Project Fall Event — Recap

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The Women’s List

a PBS documentary by Timothy Greenfield Sanders

 Meet 15 Women Who Have Created and Defined Contemporary US Culture

Inspiring! Uplifting! Provocative! Fun! Compelling!

About thirty of us gathered to view the film along with lively discussion.  You may purchase this video from PBS (as we did), and / or view the trailer or complete version here.

“It’s sometimes surprising to discover the cumulative progress women have made in recent times. Just think, what field has not been enriched by females in art, theater, finance politics, law, entrepreneurship, science.  The list is as impressive as it is enlightening. To realize that we’re no longer pioneers, the startling exception, the first to fly, or swim or sail prodigious distances in bad weather. No longer the first to untangle problems in science, math or physics.

No. We are multitudes, and society is clearly the better for our peaceful invasion.  There is no modernity and no justice without the talent, the passion and the steely intelligence of women.”

Toni Morrison

Our discussion covered many elements inspired by the film, including a discussion of what it means to be a feminist.  What does this really mean for those who came before us as well as those who are young today, and for men, as well as women, male youth as well as female? Our discussion was about knowing one’s own power, own voice, in service to what matters, and in service to humanity.

There also was lively discussion on the topic of Self-Doubt and Confidence.  See this brief and fun TED Lesson: Tips to Boost Confidence!

Curated Resources on the topic of Women and Leadership, from last night’s event.

We look forward to seeing you at future events!

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Announcing New Event: Identity & Leadership


Save the Date:  January 23, 2014, 5:30-7:30pm

RiverBirch Events are offered three to four times a year.  We skipped this Fall, but some very good things are in the works for 2014.   One event, announced here, focuses on Identity & Leadership. Another event, to be offered later in spring, will be on the topic of Mentoring.

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers; see the article:

Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers, from Harvard Business Review.  This important article illuminates the second level bias that interferes with women stepping fully into leadership roles.  It relates, in part, to identity and how tricky adopting a leadership identity can be.   I see it often in my coaching practice: confidence is a recurrent theme, even among the most seasoned leaders.  Another theme among highly trained professionals is ‘being the expert’, and while ‘skill competence’ is important, leadership involves much more.  Professionals, having invested many years in training and education, can over-identify with  ‘preparation’ and ‘being the expert’… when a new identity must be formed around “being a leader”.

Announcing:  Women, Leadership & Identity

The idea came together for a new RiverBirch Event: Identity & Leadership after I saw a workshop given by Shannon Patterson.  Shannon focuses on working with the concept of core identity and how we can intentionally reflect and develop / get acquainted with our preferences and gifts and core values, and how these form our identity.   This operates in our personal and our professional lives (including our leadership lives) as a ballast, as a guide… I wanted to bring this inquiry and conversation to our group!

With Guest Speaker, Shannon Patterson, MSOD   (for more information on Shannon, see Connection Works)

Event Date:   Thursday, January 23, 2014, 5:30-7:30pm, in Seattle

Registration for this event is now closed!  It is filled to capacity.    A re-cap and follow up resources will be posted on this site.

~Lynn Hagerman

November 9, 2013, and Updated  to open registration on January 2, 2014; Updated January 17, 2014 to close registration.